Healing is not linar

Healing is not linear; it's up and down and sometimes sideways. Recovery can be messy because feelings are not neat. That's why we develop the healing school because we know that recovery can be one thing one day and another on the next day. Therefore what you need at each stage might change. 

That might sound like a mouthful but what we are saying is; we know that healing can take different turns on different days and the healing school will provide all you need for each stage of your journey. 


Testimonial from one member who used our 'Developing positive self talk' audio. I found it quite useful during times when my daughter was going through stress due to bullying at school. It saved me when I didn't know how to help her. keep up the good work, you are changing lives.


The mind is a beautiful thing, but events in life can impact how our minds function trapping us in comparison and negative thoughts. In this school, we have a section dedicated to helping you heal those pathways in your brain and shut down negative chatter, negative energy and free you to live in peace.


When we are at peace mentally, it also reflects in our bodies. It shows up in the way we live our lives and how we function in relationships—the result is overall peace that shows in our face and body. Join us and learn essential strategies to look after your mind and body.


Healing is not complete without the spiritual element. And because we know that the women in our community take their spiritual lives thoughtfully we have included features in this section that will help with your prayer life and foster a strong connection in your relationship with God.

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Mind, Body & Spirit

Healing is about nurturing your mind, body and spirit and we have included all those elements in our courses and weekly video coaching that you will get as part of this school